Sneezing: Just Let It Out

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So, we’re talking sneezing people.

What good does a dainty little “ah” do, if you don’t follow it with a “choooooo?”

It’s been a frustration of mine when people don’t actually let out there sneeze. It makes me feel uncomfortable for them. Kind of like when you’re watching Zach Morris on Saved By The Bell, just before he’s about to do something to get in trouble. You’re screaming at the TV, “Don’t do it, Zach! Kelly is going to be appalled by your behavior.” Ok, it’s a completely different feeling of lack of comfort but it’s still lame.

Now, I’m not saying that you should be sneezing on people when you sneeze or not covering your mouth with your hand. That’s just unsanitary. I pride myself on my hygiene (ok, anyone who knew me first semester of college, please bite your tongue.).

I heard from a co-worker that the act of holding in a sneeze can actually have some negative health ramifications as well. Long story short, holding back sneezes isn’t good for you. It also isn’t cute to hold it in. When you taught yourself how to hold it in, I guess you thought that it was polite, clean, non-intrusive, etc. Get over it, just like everyone poops, everyone sneezes.

Cool article attached below, that gives some good insights into the way folks are perceived by their type of sneeze.

Yes in the article there is someone who claims they are a “body language expert.” Seems like there’s any asinine job you can dream up this day in age.

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23 December 2011 ·


Today we commemorate the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan achieving independence from the Soviet Union.

A few fun facts about Turkmenistan (thanks Wikipedia):

* A little over 5 million folks call it home

* The GDP is nearly $32 billion

* Alexander the Great conquered the Turkmenistan area around 4BC. Way to go Al!

* They drive on the right side of the street. - No British nonsense on the left side.

* It is dry as hell there. Dust storms galore.

* Turkmen is the official language of that country

* They produce the 10th most cotton of any country in the world


Sag boluň, (Goodbye)


27 October 2011 ·

November 9th: nycTIES Annual Fundraiser for Go Project

What are you doing on November 9th? Are you interested in hanging with me? Ok, I’m going to guess your responses to those questions were, “sitting on my ass watching Jersey Shores re-runs” and “maybe, if you pay me.”

How bout you spend a little coin to give back? I’ll promise you a dance if you do it. Yes, that goes for both ladies and gents. Enticing offer indeed.

What’s nycTIES? nycTIES is an organization I’ve been a part of for a cool 3+ years. We help to raise some major coin for great non-profits around NYC, provide professional services (we help them create marketing collateral, manage their finances, etc) and participate in volunteering events. We also throw a wicked party and by we, I mean, the nycTIES folks on the event planning team.

What’s the event? It’s a party, soiree, shindig. It’s time to celebrate the culmination of a year partnership between nycTIES and the Go Project. “GO provides year-round educational and family support services to children who are performing below grade level and equips them with the confidence and skills needed to succeed at school, at home and in life.” (stole that straight from: All proceeds go to Go Project, yes, you read that correctly.

When and where is said event?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 7:00 – 10:00pm

Studio Twenty One | 59 West 21st Street

How much cash-money does it cost?

$50 bucks

Get your ticket below:

Some great reasons to go:

* Open bar

* Silent auction

* Raffle

Some other great (better) reasons to go:

* Did I mention I’m going to be dancing there?

* Physically beautiful people (myself included?) will be attending. I drool a lot when I’m at these events.

* That warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly when you know that you could have bought yourself a few bottles of wine (ladies) or 24 packs of Diet Coors (gents), but instead gave it to a great cause.


If you’re anyone, you’ll be there. If you’re no one, you won’t.

Rock on,


25 October 2011 ·

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